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Facilities at Wiarton Hospital (Grey Bruce Health Services)

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Wiarton Hospital

The residents of South Bruce Peninsula have access to the newest of GBHS’ rural hospitals, which was completely rebuilt in 1994. There are 18 inpatient beds in Wiarton and the hospital employs 107 staff.

This hospital provides emergency care to the high influx of visitors to the southern Peninsula and Sauble Beach. The hospital offers obstetrics, dental surgery and mental health and addictions programs on site.

An allied health building for doctor’s offices and community services such as the Bruce Mental Health Support Services is on Site as is the ambulance base for the South Peninsula.

The Victoria Order of Nurses and the Community Care Access Centre are present on site as part of GBHS’ commitment in its mission to “Working with our community partners to coordinate your care”.

Health Services

South Bruce Peninsula has primary care provided by family physicians and nurse practitioners. Their offices are located in Sauble Beach and in Wiarton. Currently there are 3 under serviced positions in family medicine designated by the ministry of health. An incentive program is offered for new physicians. Full time doctors are eligible for the ministry CME program for rural physicians, and the locum relief program. Locum work is often available, especially during the summer months.

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Wiarton Hospital Operating Room

The hospital, Grey Bruce Health Services Wiarton, is located in Wiarton. An impressive new facility was built in 1994. In-patient care and coverage of the emergency department is provided by all of the family physicians in South Bruce Peninsula. There are 18 in-patient beds. The emergency department is particularly busy during July and August during the peak tourism season. Physicians are paid for emergency work by an alternate payment plan. Laboratory and radiology services are available 24 hours daily. Ultrasound is on site 2 days per week.

Specialist support is available at the secondary care hospital, Grey Bruce Regional Health Center, located 30 minutes away in Owen Sound. Services available there include psychiatrists, pediatricians, dermatology, various internal medicine sub specialists, surgeons in orthopedics, urology, ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynecology, ENT, general surgery, and a thoracic surgeon. This facility also houses a cancer treatment center with a medical oncology program, and a dialysis unit which is operated as a satellite from the London nephrology program. The radiology department has a CT scanner, and an MRI.

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Wiarton Hospital room


Admitting / Patient Registration
Services: Inquiry, register outpatients, process admission of patients to hospital; schedule appointments for on-site clinics; loan cupboard equipment; accounting functions; clerical services

Ambulatory Care
Services: Chiropody, diabetic outpatient teaching, psychogeriatric outreach, surgical clinic, sexual health clinic, internal medicine, orthopedic clinic; 24 hour blood pressure monitoring.

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Day Surgery
Services: Pre and post surgical care of patients who usually go home the same day; minor procedures (eg. biopsy, endoscopy, colonoscopy, vasectomy)

Dental Surgery

Diagnostic Imaging
Services: General radiology, common referral radiography (eg. chest x-ray, abdomen, skull, extremities, spine). Emergency radiography. GI tract: special preparation required for barium enemas and barium swallows; IVPs; Tomograms

Services: Abdominal and pelvic studies; Prenatal exams; Small parts

Emergency Department
Hours of Operation: 24 hours, 7 days a week
Services: 24-hour emergency service staffed by Registered Nurse(s) and on-call physician

Family Medicine

Health Records
Services: Maintenance of health records; provision of information on all patients treated at the Peninsula sites, according to established release of information policies. Transcription, audits, statistics

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Laboratory at Wiarton Hospital

Services: On-site testing as per Lab License; Bacteriology, Seroogy, Hematology, Chemistry, Coagulation, Cytology, ECG, Holter Monitor hook up; blood gases; pregnancy and bedside glucose performed by nursing staff.


Nutrition Services - Clinical

Palliative Care
Services: Multidisciplinary support team involvement with patient and family for support, counselling, liaison and teaching, supplemented by volunteers.

Services: Drugs as required to inpatients at Wiarton and Lion’s Head sites; drugs as required to Emergency Department patients at Wiarton, Lion’s Head and Tobermory; drug information as requires to Nursing and medical staff; emergency drugs and drug information available through Owen Sound site Pharmacy Department 24 hours per day.

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Physiotherapy room at Wiarton Hospital

Services: Assessment and treatment of physical problems with physician referral. Education adn rehabilitation of physical function.